Top 10 Dividend Stocks for a Stable Passive Income


You can make money quickly in thousands of ways since most transactions are now made online. But you must have enough knowledge about it before you step into it. Investing in dividend stocks is one of the most lucrative and steady ways to make a stable income.

Investing in dividend stocks is not easy at all. You must learn about this market and seek the best high-peaking dividend stock. In this article, we will help you get your hands on the best dividend stocks, but you will also have to do your analysis.

1.    Procter & Gamble (PG)

Procter & Gamble is one the most profitable company and sells many different consumer products, like health care products and household items. Their shares a decent profit margin to its shareholders depending upon their investment.

There is no doubt that investing comes with significant risk as well, and buying any stock from loan money or your savings is not recommended. Procter & Gamble stock is the best option for new investors to develop a side income stream because it is relatively stable.

Real-Time Data

The stock's current market price is 152.93 $, and the performance of the stock is +2.38 (1.58%) today. The dividend yield of stock for July is 2.42%

2.    Johnson & Johnson (JNJ)

Johnson & Johnson is a well-known company that operates in pharmaceuticals and healthcare products. Most of their products are related to baby health care. They have a history of being profitable and trusted stock makers. That’s why most of their shareholders make a lot of passive income from their stock. In the share market, this company is represented as JNJ.

Real-Time Data

According to real-time data, the current stock price is 170.19$, and the market Cap is $442.28B with a Div yield of 2.80%. The current profit state of the share is +1.81 (1.07%) today.

3.    Coca-Cola (KO)

Coca-cola has a great profitable history of generating profit for its shareholders. This company holds many prominent investors and helps them not just to generate a passive income but also to make them rich.

Real-Time Data

The stock's current price is 62.44 $ with a Market Cap of $270.03B. According to the actual market data, the stock is currently +0.050 (0.080%) today, which allows investors to invest.

4.    Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

Microsoft is one of the most profitable and leading industries in the IT field. They have created many software like Word, Excel, etc., and one of the world's most used operating systems for computers. Besides this technical IT field, they have also developed gaming consoles like Xbox and virtual desktop systems through Azure.

Real-Time Market

The current share price of MSFT is 343.90$, and according to real-time analysis, the market is suffering from little loss of 3.10 (0.89%) today. But this makes a good stand for the new investors to invest now.

5.    Apple Inc (AAPL)

Apple is a well-known brand, and indeed there’s no need for an introduction. Apple holds a special place in the field of leading technology. Apple contributes to manufacturing a wide range of the latest IT product like mobile, smart TV, etc. Apple is the most common stock that holds a wide range of investors.

Real-Time Data

The current share price of Apple is 192.05$ and holds a vast market Cap of $3.02T. The stock is full of potential and can make a better steady income stream for investors with a dividend yield.

6.    Realty Income Corporation (O)

Realty Income Corporation deals in REIT, Real Estate Investment Trust with a massive 12,000+ real estate opportunities. Because of their business practice of making and building relationships, they are often called "The Monthly Dividend Company" because of their stability. Investors who want steady income based on rental properties should look no further than Realty Income.

Real-Time Data

With a share price of 63.24$, on average, and a market cap of 42$ billion, they have been giving a 4.86% Div yield though a drop today with a 0.44% decrement.

7.    Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM)

One of the most prominent energy and oil and gas companies, they have been at the forefront of oil exploration infrastructure and are the first to provide their services. This keeps them up to date and has the influence to affect the economic conditions of many countries.

They have always been known to support their shareholders even after facing the music due to some miscalculations politically and environmentally. XOM is the most stable in this list if you don't worry about similar situations and only want to invest for a regular income.

Real-Time Data

At the time of writing, their stock prices are on the rise, with today being an increment of 0.15% to 105.6$ closing. Their market cap is 427.26$ billion right now, with a 3.4% Div yield.

8.    Johnson Controls International plc (JCI)

JCI stocks have been on quite a fluctuations in the past few days, but they still have been, on average, stable primarily due to providing tech solutions to industries. They have been focusing a lot on smart cities and providing solutions for efficient and intelligent energy solutions.

Real-Time Data

Today, the share closed at $68.9 with a 0.070 drop and a market cap of $47.22 billion, giving their shareholders a steady Div yield of 2.15%.

9.    Pfizer Inc. (PFE)

One of the leading pharmaceutical companies was recently well-known for its Covid 19 vaccines and support to provide vaccines worldwide. Their stock has always been on the rise, providing its shareholders excellent value. It is one of those companies where a newbie can invest in stocks and get monthly income.

Real-Time Data

Closing at $35.71 with a decrement of 1.20% and a market cap of $209.9 billion, they aren't as high as others on this list but still give a Div yield of 4.43%.

10. AT&T Inc. (T)

A giant in the telecom industry, and have been providing tons of services to customers and have always been generous in providing an excellent dividend to their customers.

Real-Time Data

Like most others, they closed at a decrement of 1.00% today and have a market cap of $105.81 billion. Still, their share price is steady at $14.95, and a Div yield of 7.5%