How to Save Money Every Month: Top 10 Practical Tips


Today money is the most important aspect of our life. Without money, there is nothing that you can do in this world. If you are creating a financial plan, trying to invest your hard earn to secure your future, or saving it for emergency funds, you will need money.

Money can be earned in thousands of ways in this world, either by working for someone or by starting a business but saving money in this world is challenging; you have to build a plan and be very practical while spending the money. In this article, we will help you with how you can save your precious money every month. 

Importance of Saving Money in This World 

Unfortunately, if you want to be financially free by saving money, that won't happen, and you have to stomach this hard truth. Being financially free, you must invest and keep your money rolling. 

But by saving money, you can achieve some of your financial goals, like buying a home on loan from the bank, going on vacations with your family, or buying a new car.

Further, by saving money, you will be free from borrowing loans and live practically debt free. You can also have a backup in the retirement age to live peacefully. Now how can you save your money every single month? Here are some tips that will help you in saving a few bucks every month.


1.Watch Out on Your Grocery Expense 

Analyzing your daily spending and cutting your grocery according to need will help you save some extra cash for your life. Watch out for your over-expenses. Although they might seem like you little while spending, by the end of the month, they can greatly impact your expense. You will need to create a realistic budget to save money but make it manageable for yourself to make a living.

2.Don't Take Loans

If you are an employee, then there is no doubt that you will be making enough money to run your daily life, but many people take loans to fulfill their desires, and that is where they lose all of their money and saving. So don't fall for your heart's desire; be practical and spend your money wisely. If you follow your budget plan, you will never need to take a loan and can save money easily. 

3.Cancel The Automatic Subscriptions 

We all need entertainment in our life, and that's not bad stuff. It is good to spend quality time. But make sure to unsub those subscriptions you are not interested in watching anymore. Even if you can save $10 from this subscription, do that.

4.Keep Yourself Safe from Taxation 

Undoubtedly, every single individual has to pay taxes, but still, there are many tax-free states in the USA. If you can move, then don't think twice about it. Unfortunately, if this is impossible for you, you should consult an advisor who can help save your money against taxes.

5.Don't Over Hangout

It is good to enjoy with fellas but limit yourself and spend little money on hangouts and parties. You can plan your spots with friends once a month. It will keep you fresh and entertained, and you will also save some. 

6.Get Things at Discount 

If you are making money, you also deeply desire to spend it on yourself rather than just buying kitchen stuff and groceries. Many people used to spend their money on clothes and if you are one of them who loves buying clothes that is great but try saving while buying clothes. It would help if you looked out for seasonal sales and discounted stores. Try to buy clothes that are off-season seasonal. It may sound weird, but it's the best idea because you can save money while buying new clothes. 


7.Look For Quality Item 

People waste money to buy cheaper items and fool themselves into thinking they must spend less. Don't make yourself a fool like this. If you're going to buy something for daily usage, then only buy a fine-quality product. It may cost you at once, but it will save you spending money every single month on that. So only look for quality things and keep extra money in your savings.

8.Try to Reduce Mobile & Internet Bill

Mobile and the internet have become part of our daily life, but do you ever think you are extra for these services and using less than the bills? So why not reduce your bills now? These mobile and internet bills are too expensive compared to other expenses. You should ask the operator to reduce the speed if you use something other than high-speed internet. It will save you a few bucks while maintaining your daily social life.

9.Sticking to The Plan

As you make your first smart money-saving plan, you will follow it for 2 – 3 weeks max. After, you will be a slave of your desires again and spend the money again on unnecessary items. Being consistent and sticking to the plan is hard, but it will eventually pay you off with a good amount of money in your hands. The recommended time duration for money saving plan is about three months. In these three months, you will only pay for necessary items, and after three months, you will collect the saved money and see how much you save every month.

10.Unnecessary Liabilities 

The young generation mostly spends their money on the gym, and nothing is wrong with it. You should keep your body and health fit, but paying for classes and not regularly going to the gym is a complete loss for you. It is another extra liability for you that you have to pay every month. Try to start doing exercises at home and watch tutorial videos in more depth to learn. 


Saving money is twice harder than making money. To save money, you will need to kill your desires. In this guide, we have shared some tips to help you save money every month.