Foods that may be harmful to your arthritis


Arthritis takes joint pain as the most common symptom. It is a disease in which one or more joints of the body swell and become inflamed. Women are more common than men. If there is no treatment for a long time, it may lead to complete loss of joint mobility.

In addition, it is not limited to the elderly; people of any age, including teenagers, can be affected. People with arthritis may not even be able to complete the most basic daily tasks, such as cooking, bathing, and walking.

When it comes to any disease, the general idea is to eat as much healthy food as possible. However, in the case of arthritis, there are some exceptions to this rule. We will list you some foods that may be harmful to your arthritis. Let's take a look at a few of them.

Excessive consumption of sugar

This is one of the basic causes of most diseases, especially arthritis. Excessive use of sugar can lead to obesity, which in turn leads to inflammation of the joints and makes people susceptible to arthritis.

According to research, people who regularly drink sugar-sweetened beverages are more susceptible to the threat of arthritis. Therefore, it is recommended to limit the use of sugar in the form of soda, candies, ice cream, and even the simplest foods such as barbecue sauce.

Foods rich in gluten

Some people may experience joint pain from eating wheat because they are allergic to the gluten protein in wheat. As a result, their immune system is affected, leading to joint inflammation.

In addition to arthritis, gluten can also cause other common diseases, with celiac disease as the main disease. Therefore, if you are intolerant to gluten, it is recommended that you follow a gluten-free diet to relieve joint pain.

Heavy processed food

Obesity is mainly caused by eating a diet of excessively processed foods, which can lead to joint inflammation. Preservatives and added sugars are rich, especially in fried or grilled foods, baked goods, breakfast cereals and junk foods, all of which can aggravate arthritis symptoms.

Trans fat

Trans fats are considered harmful to your overall health because they cause your body to excrete good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol, as well as increase your level of inflammation.

Cakes, doughnuts, pasta, cookies and crackers, and other highly processed foods all contain high levels of trans fats. Therefore, when buying pre-made food packaging, it is best to browse the ingredient list.


Solanum vegetables usually include tomatoes, potatoes, sweet peppers, peppers, and eggplants. Although these vegetables do not cause arthritis pain, if you want to relieve the symptoms of joint pain, it is recommended to avoid them.

Excessive use of salt

All overdose is terrible, especially in terms of diet. Although salt seems to be a healthy mineral, too much can aggravate inflammatory arthritis.

Pizza, certain types of cheese, canned soup, shrimp and processed foods, especially meat, all contain a lot of salt. Therefore, eliminating high-sodium foods can help you relieve joint pain.