These Street Styles are Currently Trending


As fashion week is in full swing, many fashion models have taken to the streets. Street style has always fascinated fashionistas, as almost everything can be seen on the roads during this period. What's even more interesting is that most fashion trends come directly from street style, which is essential to show that not only fashion brands and designers can be trendsetters but also fashion lovers.

Looking back on the past fashion weeks, many fashion styles and trends have been discovered, laying a good foundation for future fashion trends. Straight off the street, these are the styles that are currently trending.


Sexy pure

According to street style, see-through designs and clothing will trend this season. Given the time of year we're in as of now; sheer fabrics work well in warmer pieces and materials. The excellent texture will dominate the spring-summer season, already on the streets. Unexpected necklines and tailored looks will also continue to rule the fashion world. It's a trend that's perfect for any comfort level.

Weird girl aesthetic

Many trends are popping up on Tik Tok, one of which is considered part of street style is the quirky girl aesthetic, described as an enhanced dopamine dressing. To show off this trend, look for fun, sophisticated looks that mix and match colors and prints. This trend started last year and will continue this year.

Millennium bug style

Y2K fashion is here to stay. Fur was one of the most talked about and coveted items of the 00s. But not just any hair. The one that is expected to be seen everywhere is the one in neon colors. It warms the body and makes every piece of clothing look much better.


A New Look at Neutrality

Neutral colors are always in style. Season after season, they are part of fashion trends, always appearing in a new light. Regarding street style, reinterpretations of neutral and understated tones will dominate the streets. Includes all shades of white, beige, brown, and more.


Glitter and sequins are here to stay. The street style suggests that sequins are an unmissable detail to create statement looks and outfits. While the holidays are a long way off, sequins are a great way to elevate your fashion style.

90s style

The '90s greatly impacted street style, and these styles continue to be seen everywhere - from the runway to the street. Everything is in play: the grunge aesthetic, cargo pants, slip dresses, etc...