Shorts are a Big Spring Trend and Here is How to Wear Them


Fashion always draws inspiration from fashion history and past eras. For example, one notable moment in style was the cinematic fashion moments of the 20th century, so iconic that they continue to provide excellent clothing inspiration today. The prevalent trend of Bermuda shorts is from this period.

Today's Bermuda short trends mirror those of the past. Bermuda shorts and blazer silhouettes evoke '70s safari styles that carry over to '80s power suits and '90s dame looks. So, shorts are a huge fashion trend; here's how to wear them from now on.



Printed Bermudas and shorts are the most exciting and stylish way to wear this elegant piece. Each print is colorful enough for an original style and look. Many images are on the market, but tie-dye options will look great this season. Pair shorts like these with a solid, simple, basic tank top, and you have a highly effortless chic style.

Eye-catching pastel shades

The muted color is perfect for spring and creates the perfect head-to-toe look. A great spring look is paired with pastel Bermuda shorts. Pairing it with a slim top or a tonal blazer for a chic and elegant look is a stylish way to show off this incredible trend.

Everyday denim

When asked whether their first thought is shorts or Bermudas, jeans are the first thing most women think of. This comes from the history of shorts, which have been around for a long time in the form of denim. A pair of denim Bermuda shorts with a crop top is a striking look for the modern fashionista. The sheer simplicity and heavy fabrics result in an unrivaled set for fashion and streetwear.



Leather is one of the main trends of this season. While there are many options, foam shorts or Bermuda shorts are a notable trend in eco-friendly ways. A leather button-down shirt paired with a pair of leather Bermuda shorts gives a look that could be considered transitional. Add a vest underneath the sweater for the perfect base for this ultra-modern look.

Highlighter color

Opting for shorts or Bermudas in neon colors is a must-see for those looking to stand out from the crowd. These bright and vibrant colors are easy to mix and match with other simple pieces in your wardrobe. For example, dark greens, citrus yellows, and bright pinks ensure exciting and colorful looks.

If Bermuda shorts are missing from your shopping list, you'll want to add them.