How to Nail Pink Eye Makeup Like a Pro


Makeup trends are constantly changing. Whether inspired by fashion weeks and catwalks or celebrities in a particular look, there is always something of interest to those willing to explore. Lately, the focus has been chiefly on eye makeup. As a result of the pandemic, makeup is mandatory when wearing a mask, and the only parts of the face that are visible and suitable for makeup are the eyes.

Since then, many different and ever-changing eye makeup trends have emerged. From glittery eyeliner to colorful lids, most trends offer various options for different eye shapes. One eye makeup trend that has always been around having been pink eyeshadow. What's interesting about this makeup trend is that it's colorful and stylish, but most women are terrified of its look, and that's because pink tones can sound intimidating.

For those looking to incorporate pink eyeshadow into their makeup, here are some tips on doing it like a pro.

Almost none

This is the perfect option for those who want a minimalist look to show off pink eyeshadow. A pink lid is an excellent choice for introducing some variety and color. Also, the minimal technique approach makes the makeup look even more stunning. Use light pink blush on eyes and cheeks. This natural yet stylish look is perfect for day and night.

Negative space

Another great look comes from creating negative space on your lids, which can be achieved with electric pink eyeliner. Quickly draw bold lines for original eyes.

Neon pink

Neon pink eyeshadow is one of the most appealing and daring steps to using pink eyeshadow. Baby pinks and pastel pinks are soft and feminine options, but this is the one to make a big impression. The bright neon pink color on the lid creates a unique look. It's also an excellent choice for a night out or a date.

Lavender powder

Soft lavender and pink eye shadows go together perfectly for a flawless look. This look offers a whimsical style, a romantic, smooth, and stylish way to wear pink on the eyelids.

Small coral

If bright pink eyeshadow is not your thing, try coral eyeshadow. Coral eyeshadow has orange and red undertones and is an excellent choice for maintaining pink frames and shades.

Graphic peephole

A splash of pink can create an eye-catching look that complements a graphic cat eye. A pop of hot pink accentuates the cat eye for a fabulous, edgy look.